RV Site (20, 30 amp)


RV Site (Pull Thru)


50 Amp


Extra Adult Overnight / Guest Visitor

$5 / $2

Guest Swim Fee


Sewer, Water, A/C


Weekly, Monthly, & Seasonal Site Rates Available.

Group Discounts/ Special Rates for Scout Troops, Churches and Lodges.

Nightly rates include water, 30 amp electric, and sewer.

Site fees include 2 adults and your children or grandchildren under the age of 18.

One night advance deposit is required for Holiday and special event reservations.

A two week cancelation notice is required or your advance deposit is forfeit.

Should you have any questions or concerns about our reservation policies, please feel free to inquire anytime.

Campground Rules and Regulations

  • Check-out is 12 pm. Check-in is 2 pm.
  • All Visitors and guests MUST register at the office prior to entering our campground. There is a $2 fee for each of your visiting guests for the day and a $5 fee if they stay the night. Swimming is $3 extra per person. Car passes must be displayed. Unregistered guests will be escorted out of the campground.
  • SPEED LIMIT is 5 MPH. This rule is enforced without exception! Ride the Brake or Park and Walk.
  • Gates close at 11 pm. Day guests must exit prior to 11 pm.
  • Park only at your campsite. Two vehicles per site. Inquire at office for additional parking. Do not block roads.
  • Only drivers with a VALID driver's license may operate a motorized vehicle within this campground.
  • Pets must be kept quiet and on a leash. Pets are not permitted in swimming area, buildings, playground, store, mini-golf, or walking through any other campsite (occupied or vacant). Owners must clean up pet waste in or out of the dog walk and Pet play area. Pets may not be staked outside, unattended by an adult. Pets must be inside your RV at night. In your absence from your site, pets must be inside your RV with the windows closed and AC or heat on for their comfort.
  • Children must be at their campsite by 10 PM unless accompanied by parent or legal guardian.
  • Quiet Hours are from 11 PM to 7 AM. Camping courtesy is in effect 24 hours a day. Please refrain from loud music, profanity and/or abusive language or behavior.
  • Alcoholic beverages to be consumed at sites only. Alcohol consumption by minors is prohibited.
  • Parents are responsible for the actions and safety of their children and guests. Children under the age of six (6) must be supervised at all times by their parent or authorized adult over the age of 21.
  • There is NO LIFE GUARD ON DUTY, SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK. Children under the age of 14 require supervision by an adult (age 21 +) at the pool. Pool RULES must be observed at all times. Swimsuits ONLY, no cut offs or birthday suits. Children not potty trained are not allowed to use the pool. Children 3 years and under must be approved by management, prior to pool use. Swimming is prohibited in the fishing pond. Toddler/infant pools are not permitted.
  • Clothesline for swimsuits and towels are allowed if removed prior to dark. Please NO NAILS in trees.
  • NO FIREWORKS, FIREARMS (or weapons of any kind) allowed. NO HUNTING. ARCHERY, GOLF CARTS, MOPEDS, or ATV's are not allowed in the campground without campground consent. Motorized handicap vehicles must be approved upon registration.
  • Sewer rings required for dumping (available at office). On site Dumping Prohibited without sewer ring.
  • Only biodegradable, safe for septic system toilet paper is to be used. No formaldehyde-based products are permitted. Waste (Black Water) Tanks are not to be left open during your stay.
  • Use of Liquid or Powdered Chlorine Bleach is prohibited.
  • Please bag trash and place in container(s) nearest your campsite. If container is full, please notify office.
  • Burning trash, plastic, leaves, bottles, treated or painted wood, and/or cans is prohibited.
  • NO WASHING or general maintenance of cars, trucks, or RV's allowed.
  • Bicycle riding without lights after sunset is prohibited. DO NOT RIDE ACROSS Campsites. Do not block building entrances with bikes.
  • Outside security lights and bug zappers must be turned off (party lights excluded) when retiring for the evening.
  • Picnic Tables are provided to improve the site. Please do not move a table from a site.
  • FIRE RINGS ARE NOT TO BE MOVED OR RELOCATED within any site without management approval.
  • Do not cut, deface, or damage any standing timber, shrubs, or vegetation.
  • Rugs or Carpets (Including “breathable rugs”) which may smother the lawn are prohibited without consent.

Failure to obey rules will result in your eviction from the park without refund!

If you have any special needs or require assistance, please contact the office.

Thanks and Enjoy your stay!

Scott & Pat
Office: 765-939-0888 Scott Cell: 765-969-7298